Anti-wear Hydraulic Oil

ETOZ Hydraulic Oil are formulated from premium quality base oils and a selected additive system to provide excellent protection against corrosion and wear, improved thermal and oxidation stability, and resistance to rusting and foaming.

Anti-wear Hydraulic Oil Product Features:
  • Outstanding thermal and oxidative stability.
  • Excellent anti-wear protection.
  • Superior protection against corrosion.
  • Excellent anti-foam and air release characteristics.
  • Suitable for use in mobile hydraulic systems.
Available Packing
200 litres, 18 litres

32 5.4
46 6.7
68 8.6
100 11.1
:: Multigrade Hydraulic Oil ::
Hydraulic Oil 10W CF
:: AWS Hydraulic Oil ::
Hydraulic Oil AWS1 32
Hydraulic Oil AWS 46
Hydraulic Oil AWS 68
Hydraulic Oil AWS 100
:: ISO Hydraulic Oil ::
Hydraulic Oil ISO VG 32
Hydraulic Oil ISO VG 46
Hydraulic Oil ISO VG268
Hydraulic Oil ISO VG 100
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Antiwear System
Viscosity Grade
Kinematic Viscosity
To meet a high speed, high pressure and high temperature hydraulic system. Kindly refer to the Viscosity Index description below. A measure of a fluid's resistance
to flow.

How to determine the quality of hydraulic oil ?

Viscosity Index (VI)

Viscosity is one of the most important properties of hydraulic fluids. The viscosity of a liquid is affected by changes in temperature and pressure. As the temperature of a liquid increases, its viscosity decreases. The viscosity index (V.I.) of an oil is a number that indicates the effect of temperature changes on the viscosity of the oil. Low VI signifies a relatively signifies large changes of kinematics viscosity with the changes of temperature.

Effect of temperature on Viscosity

See also : Viscosity of Hydraulic Oil By Martin Cuthbert MEng (Hons)

Flash Point

Flashpoint is the temperature at which a liquid gives off vapor in sufficient quantity to ignite momentarily or flash when a flame is applied. A high flashpoint is desirable for hydraulic liquids because it provides good resistance to combustion and a low degree of evaporation at normal temperatures.


Gravity of the hydraulic is less than 1.0 is desired when weight is critical. The density of mineral oils is typically around 870 kg m-3 (in comparison synthetic oils usually have a density of around 1200 kg m-3). The specific gravity, the ratio of the density of the fluid to the density of water, is a dimensionless quantity typically 0.87 for mineral oils.

Foaming Tendency

Foam in a hydraulic system causes from compressed gases in the hydraulic oil. A oil under high pressure can contain a large volume of air bubbles.When this oil is depressurized, as when it reaches the reservoir, the gas bubbles in the oil expand and produce foam.

Refer to : Integrated Publishing , Engine Mechanics Section

How to read a Technical Data Sheet ?

Technical Data Sheet is a document summarizing the technical characteristics of the product. The most common characteristics for hydraulic oil fluid are Kinematic Viscosity, Viscosity Index, Density, Flash Point and Pour Point.

Move your mouse cursor to the BOLD wording, we explain the reading for you !

Below is the Shell Tellus Hydraulic fluid Data Sheet :
Shell Tellus S2 MISO 22ISO 32ISO 46ISO 68ISO 100
Kinematic Viscosity (meaning)     
   @ 0℃, cSt 18033858010401790
   @ 40℃, cSt 22324668100
   @ 100℃, cSt
Viscosity Index10099989796
Density @ 15 ℃, kg/l0.8660.8750.8790.8860.891
Flash Point, ℃ 210218230235250
Pour Point, ℃-30-30-30-24-24

** For a liquid - the kinematic viscosity will DECREASE with higher temperature **
Viscometer - is used to measure Kinematic viscosity.
It is measure the time in seconds required for the tested fluid to flow through the capillary.
Saybolt viscometer
Picture Reference : Integrated Publishing - Engine Mechanics. Page title : Hydraulic Fluids

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Hydraulic Oil selling in Malaysia.






Tellus 46 / Tellus S2 M 46
DTE 24
Hidraulik EP 32
Hyspin AWS 32
Energol HLP 32
Tellus 68 / Tellus S2 M 68
DTE 25
Hidraulik EP 46
Hyspin AWS 46
Energol HLP 46
Tellus S 46 / Tellus S2 M 46
DTE 26
Hidraulik EP 68
Hyspin AWS 68
Energol HLP 68
Tellus S 68 / Tellus S2 M 68
Nuto 32
Hidraulik EP 100
Hyspin AWS 100
Energol HLP 100
Tellus T 46 / Tellus S2 V 46
Nuto 46
Tellus T 68 / Tellus S2 V 46
Nuto 68
20 litre / 209 litre
20 litre / 208 litre
18 litre / 209 litre
18 litre / 209 litre
18 litre / 209 litre

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