Gear Oil and Transmission Fluid

EP Automatic Transmissions Fluid is manufactured from high VI paraffinic oils and fortified with sheer stable VI improvers, Oxidation inhibitor, foam inhibitors, friction modifiers, and anti-wear additives.
Our Products List:
  • EP Gear Oil SAE 80W/90 GL-5
  • EP Gear Oil SAE 90 GL-5
  • EP Gear Oil SAE 140 GL-5
  • Industrial Gear Oil ISO 150, 220,320 ,460
  • Automatic Transmission Fluid,ATF Dexron III-H
  • Automatic Transmission Fluid,ATF Dexron III-G

Product Details


EP ATF is a high performance transmission fluid for automatic transmissions gives your vehicle excellent protection under the widest extremes of operating conditions. Manufactured from high VI paraffinic oils and fortified with sheer stable VI improvers, oxidation inhibitors, foam inhibitors, friction modifiers, and anti-wear additives.
Typical Uses
  • ATF type F.
  • High friction qualities of oil permit proper shifting.
  • Protects against rust and corrosion.
  • Keeps transmission clean internally.
  • Dyed red to detect leaks.
  • Resists oxidation and oil thickening.

EP Gear Oil

EP Gear Oil meets U.S Military specification. It provides long equipment life by resisting gear wear and scuffing. On top of that, EP Gear Oil also maximizes equipment availability by avoiding premature failure or need for overhaul due to deposit induced seal wear and leakage. It assists smooth shifting in manual transmissions by controlling glazing and choking of friction surfaces in synchronizing mechanism. There is protection against corrosion of ferrous and non ferrous components. It has been recommended for automotive gear applications requiring lubricants meeting API service GL-5.

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